Apple trade in

Bring in your old device and change it to a new Apple device.

Recycle your old device conveniently and get a discount in the same value for your new device.


Get a discount for your new device

If a device has no use anymore, trade it in for something completely new. Bring in your used, but working tablet, phone or computer to our store and we will give you a new iPad, iPhone or MacBook at a discount on the value of your old device.

You can trade in 5 devices at a time

We accept tablets, phones and computers from other manufacturers as well. The old device does not need to be an Apple product. You can bring in your old devices to any of our stores, where we will assess the final condition of the devices. You can find the approximate price on this page.


Find the value of your device

The price is indicative. The realistic value will be determined in the store.

To trade in an old device, do the following:

1. Take your device to one of our stores. All devices are welcome.

2. We will determine the condition of your device. The only requirement is that it needs to be working - if it turns on at the push of a button, then it has a value.

3. If the price is right, we will help you find a new companion and you get a dicount at the value of your old device.

NB! To trade in an old device, the Find My function has to be turned off, for which you need to remember your Apple ID account and password.