Swedbank small loan

Together with Swedbank, we are offering small loans on favourable terms.

It is a convenient and quick way to pay for your purchase right away, with repayment taking place later via instalments.

  • Agreement fee €0
  • To get a small loan on special terms, use the discount code IDEAL when applying.

Kuidas toimida?

  1. 1. Choose a small loan from the app or the Internet Bank.
  2. 2. Fill in the application and add the discount code.
  3. 3. You will receive a quick response to your request.
  4. 4. Sign an agreement and the money will be immediately transferred to your account.
  5. 5. Make a purchase.

More about the discount: https://www.swedbank.ee/embedded/ee/small-loan-calculator/index-eng.html?discount=IDEAL&cid=allyear_S-financing-small-loan-calc_qr_IDEAL_ee_eng

The small loan is provided by Swedbank AS. Read more about the terms and conditions, and consult a specialist, if necessary. The annual percentage rate of charge is 19.714% under the following model conditions: loan amount €2,000, fixed interest 17.90%, agreement fee €0, loan period 2 years, number of repayments 24, repayment amount €2,365.44, total credit cost €365.44, total amount of credit €2,365.44.